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Mission Valley Golf & Country Club is currently undergoing a substantial renovation to all facets of the golf course including:
  • 70 acres of turf to be replaced with TifTuf grass, a hybrid Bermuda, this will include all tees, fairways and roughs
  • Reconstruction of all bunkers with liners and new G-angle sand
  • Greens will be returned to original size and shape and sprigged with TifEagle grass
  • Tees will be leveled and new forward tees added
  • Renovation of practice area including new putting and chipping greens built to USGA specifications
  • Improved drainage in low lying areas of the course
In the beginning...  
The first "spray out" of the course occurred on March 22. The impact on the turf was much faster than expected or had witnessed before. This was likely due to the stress the turf was under from traffic, lack of natural rain and low humidity. The greens were sprayed later and began to show the effects in early April. A total of three applications were made. The goal was to kill the existing turf and more importantly any existing weeds to minimize contamination of the new turf when it is planted.

Mar 29

April 18 3

May 2018

The much-anticipated golf course renovation has begun! Leibold Construction began staging equipment and supplies two weeks prior to the April 23 commencement date. Tree removal began even earlier, the week of April 8. Leibold began at the back corner of the property on holes 4, 5, 14, and 15 before working closer to the Clubhouse. The process is impressive! Multiple skilled workers, performing various tasks simultaneously in the same general area. A six day work week is the norm. Progress has been swift and the change in appearance of the golf course is noticeable in several areas. The fifth hole is a perfect example. The fifth fairway has already been reshaped to improve drainage and soil quality. Subtle changes in elevation, only inches, make a noticeable difference to the viewer. Two large trees in the right rough have been removed to aid future turf health and have been replaced by a fairway bunker. The visual impact from the tee is dramatic. This process is being repeated on several other holes.

2035 01 01 00.04.35

Hole #5, view from the tee, grass stripped, soil piled

2035 01 01 00.08.22

Hole #5, piles of soil to be new #1 & 2 tees

2035 01 01 00.21.24

Hole #7, green surround sod being cut, green edge hand stripped to design location

Mar 29 5   May 1 2  

Chipping green before and after stripping

2035 01 01 00.08.03

Hole #5, grinding fairway 
2035 01 01 00.09.47
 Hole #5, soil from bury pit piled to distribute on fairway, to modify slope, improve drainage and soil quality
IMG 5028
 Drainage swale/ditch between #1 green & #2 tee cleaned and grades adjusted
IMG 5068
  Laser leveling the 16th tee
 IMG 5136
 Stripping putting green before adjusting green's mix depth

IMG 5073

"It's a jungle out there!" Brush Hog at work #9
 IMG 5110
Tour participants surveying #5 from the tee
IMG 5121
RotaDairon and rolling the #16th fairway
IMG 5145
New irrigation #1 tee
IMG 5168
Limbing tree at 15th tee
IMG 5240
#11 Greenside bunker rough shaped and drainage in
IMG 5180   IMG 5307
Fairway bunker #12 dogleg before and after removal
IMG 5244
Newly positioned cart path #11
IMG 5239
Prepping cart path #12 tee complex
New cartpath on 9 1
New cart path #9 looking back from green
IMG 5224
New cleared view of #6 green from end of lake on left side. YES REALLY!!
IMG 5227
50 years of golf balls to left of #6
June 2018
IMG 5302 
Soil amendment "Command" being applied
 IMG 5293
18th green with "Command"
 IMG 5272
Final bunker shaping
 IMG 5279
Fabric liner being secured
IMG 5281
 Drain trenches visible
IMG 5352
Spreading gravel for Better Billy Bunker application
IMG 5356 
Applying Better Billy Bunker polymer to gravel
IMG 5565
Doug standing next to a pile of G-Angle sand for the bunkers
IMG 5372 
Filling bunker with G-Angle sand
IMG 5394
4th tee complex, tee edges sodded
IMG 5410
Sod delivery
IMG 5411
View across sprigged 13th green, sod delivery for lake bank
IMG 5390
View of 13th green, surround sodded and green sprigged
IMG 5401  IMG 5555 
5th tee complex with surround sodded and sprigged
IMG 5398
Sandscape material piled for distribution
IMG 5465
#11, Doug explaining Better Billy Bunker construction
IMG 5510
Members taking a close look at the new sprigs on #14 green
IMG 5501
Viewing the progress from right side of 13th fairway 
July 2018
IMG 5582
Remote controlled stump grinder
IMG 5609 
 Doug with TifEagle sprigs which come from Georgia!
  IMG 5613
 TifEagle sprigs being spread by hand on the green

  IMG 5604

 "Cutting in" the TifEagle sprigs

 IMG 5532

 Doug and Dave viewing the progress on # 3

IMG 5523

TifTuff fairway sprigs being gathered to load

 IMG 5540

 Machine spreading and cutting in fairway sprigs

 IMG 5536

 Newly sprigged fairway area

 IMG 5618   IMG 5628 

Bunkers on # 9 & # 18, sodded and ready for Better Billy Bunker polymer and G-Angle sand

IMG 5634

 Edge being set for sodding on # 1 green

IMG 5645

New back tees on #16, view from # 14

IMG 5648

 # 13 green looking to # 14 tees, sprigs and sod growing well

IMG 5649

 # 13 green looking down sprigged fairway

IMG 5672

 # 11, green and fairway sprigged

IMG 5664

Tees on # 18 ready for sprigging 

    IMG 5720   IMG 5741

    IMG 5754   IMG 5778

    IMG 5783   IMG 5819

    IMG 5839   IMG 5850

       Work on the chipping green included: drainage trenches and pipes, 4" of gravel, 12" of green mix, surround sod and hand sprigging

IMG 5875

Practice bunker is complete

August 2018

IMG 5896

New sandscape area

 IMG 5914

 Tour participants viewing grass coverage on # 3 green

IMG 5963

 Dogleg at # 12 - new sandscape area

IMG 5958 

# 5 tees and fairway   

IMG 5925

Practice facilities, surrounds sodded and greens sprigged  

 IMG 6027

Establishing the fringe on # 2 green       

IMG 6067

Green and fairway on # 11, tees sprigged

 IMG 5555  IMG 6044

Tees on # 5, July 5th, August 15th

IMG 6031

Top dressing # 3 green 

IMG 6127

# 13, first fairway mow establishing rough line


IMG 6193 IMG 6196

# 3 green and bunker

IMG 5394  IMG 6199

4th tee complex, two months growth!

  IMG 6202

Tree canopy has been raised so you can see the 6th green from the tees

 IMG 6207

Bunker maintenance # 11, after 13" of rain in a week, still looking good!!

IMG 6218

Tees on # 18, notice left over rain in drainage swale

IMG 5139  IMG 5707

IMG 5881  IMG 6274

Putting green May - September

IMG 6301

Rolling the green on # 2

IMG 6293

 Planting Bahia grass between # 2 and # 8


IMG 6386

 4th tour - participants viewing # 2 green

IMG 6479 

# 14 tees

IMG 6426


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